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Empowered Nurse Consulting

Our Mission 

EmpoweredNurse Consulting is here for you at any stage in your nursing journey. We are here to help empower you as a Student Nurse|Transitioning Nurse|& Educator to thrive. 

We aim to be a catalyst of change so you can thrive instead of just survive. 

Whether it is to Reclaim what you feel you have lost, Reignite your passion, purpose and/ or to Rebuild. We are here to Empower you with compassion and empathy. 

Invest in your personal growth to allow you to thrive in a profession you love. Unsure of what session is right for you? Send us an email and we will help you find the perfect session to fit your UniQUE needs.

IV Initiation Session $95

This one-on-one session is designed for the student/novice or even expert nurse who is looking to refresh their IV initiation skills and or gain more confidence in initiating IV’s. Please note this is not a certification session.

Understanding Addictions and Mental Health presentation $15 per person

This presentation is about perspective. Aiming to provide thought provoking insights to look at addiction and mental health through the lens of compassion and empathy.This presentation is about perspective. Aiming to provide thought provoking insights to look at addiction and mental health through the lens of compassion and empathy.

REBUILD Session $75 (60 minute session with one 30 minute follow up session)

In this session we will work with you to reclaim what you feel you have lost and provide you with tools to Rebuild. We will help you to Regain and Rebuild that confidence and passion in your nursing journey. Please know that we are here to help you rebuild and we will facilitate this session with compassion and empathy. 

EMPOWER Session $125 (90 minute session with one 30 minute followup session)

Our most sought after session. During this session we will Empower you to reclaim, reignite and rebuild yourself to have a renewed passion and purpose. Empower Session is completely tailored to you and your unique situation. It aims at Reclaiming what you feel you have lost; this being directly linked to an adverse experience and or situation in the clinical/ nursing setting. We will help you to Regain and Rebuild your confidence and provide you with sustainable tools to Empower you once again to renew your passion and purpose in your nursing journey. Empowered Session comes with a 30 minute follow up session that will be scheduled following the 90 minute session. 

THRIVE Session $50 (60 minute session)

This session is designed for student to novice nurses. It will be tailored to meet your unique needs as you step out into the Nursing World. Interested in this session, though unsure how it will meet your student nurse needs? Please send us an email including the clinical course/year that you are seeking consultation services for, why you are seeking out our services/what your goals are and/or unique needs. Please limit your email to half a page. In addition, please include 2 dates/times to set up a complimentary 15 minute session prior to booking to see if our services are right for you.We look forward to empowering you to thrive instead of just survive. 

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Meet the EmpoweredNurse Consulting Founder

Zenaida, Registered Nurse (RN) Graduate Certificate, Addictions and Mental Health


First and foremost I am a mom to my extraordinary son, Caius, and wife to a loving and encouraging husband who pushes me to be the best version of me. I am a Registered Nurse (RN) of 16 years caring for patients across the lifespan, from babies to seniors. I feel very blessed, however, to have discovered my passion in paediatrics and teaching very early on in my career. I have had an amazing career as a Pediatric Nurse at the Alberta Children’s Hospital for 16 years, and as a Nursing Instructor at Mount Royal University and University of Calgary for 14 years. It was an incredible honour and a lifetime achievement to be inducted into the Teaching Excellence Hall of Fame, the most coveted award, facilitated by the Students Union at the University of Calgary. Throughout my career I have dedicated my nursing soul to all of my students, patients and families. 

​Within my career I have had the honour and privilege to work and collaborate with countless nursing students and nurses. I have prided myself in helping individuals, uncover and deal with trauma caused by horizontal violence within the clinical setting or work place. These unfortunate experiences is what fuelled this platform. I realized that there is a gap of available supports and resources for the emerging nurses, thus EmpoweredNurse Consulting was born.

Our Vision. To become a recognized global service known for empowering those who feel they have no voice, or for those needing support in navigating the nursing world.

​Below you will find testimonials as well as my weekly blog. I will bring nursing issues to the forefront and discuss how we can empower ourselves and others in our pursuit of nursing. Thank you for being here. 

​With an abundance of light and love 

Zenaida, Registered Nurse (RN) Graduate Certificate, Addictions and Mental Health


” She creates a learning environment that allows for vulnerability in a way that I have never seen before…She facilitates safety and respect, and this allowed for incredibly impactful learning. Zenaida has a way of bringing people out of their shells and fostering connection. She made us all feel validated, smart and important. Zenaida shares wisdom from her own practice, which inspires and motivates her students to be excited about how they might be the best version of themselves in this profession….Keep doing what you are doing Zenaida. You are having a huge impact on future nurses”

“I will never forget the things I have learned from you and how you perceive the world in such a compassionate and optimistic way. Never stop teaching, you are “elite” level”

“Zenaida is a teacher who is helping to prepare a generation of nurses that are compassionate, hardworking, confident, and passionate because these are all qualities in her that are reflective upon us”

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